Hi! I'm Brian. I enjoy solving puzzles with good design. This has lead to a rich career in packaging design spanning almost three decades. As the Design Director at The Lihua Group, I lead a dynamic team comprised of the most clever and creative individuals I've had the pleasure of working with. Together, we develop distinctive packaging solutions for a wide range of clients, ensuring our designs captivate and connect with consumers globally.

Professional Journey

Beginning my career in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, my professional journey has spanned the globe, enabling collaborations across diverse clients and industries. As the head of The Lihua Group's design team, I direct our creative vision, integrating innovative, sustainable, and accessible design solutions. My dedication is to enhance brand narratives through packaging that excels aesthetically and functionally.

Design Ethos

My design ethos emphasizes innovation, responsibility, and inclusivity, with a steadfast commitment to sustainable materials to lessen environmental impact. I streamline production to cut labor costs and enhance transportation efficiencies, reducing both economic and ecological footprints. Central to my philosophy is delivering a memorable customer experience through engaging packaging that's accessible to all, ensuring ease of use and inclusivity. This approach not only elevates brand narratives but also aligns with ethical practices, creating packaging solutions that resonate deeply with consumers and contribute positively to the global community.

Personal Interests

My professional pursuits are enriched by my interests in art and music, drawing heavily from 1980s indie comics and the distinctive sounds of 80s post-punk and goth. These influences blend nostalgia with contemporary flair in my work. Additionally, my love for horror, science fiction, and English Victorian fiction broadens my creative palette. This rich tapestry of interests not only deepens my personal fulfillment but also infuses my design work with a unique and dynamic perspective.

My World

Family is my foundation. As Jennifer's husband, a gifted writer, and as Mateo and Mina's father, my home is a wellspring of inspiration. Mateo's passion for medieval history and Mina's astounding artistic creativity enrich our lives. Their encouragement drives me to push creative boundaries in both my art and career. They are more than just my family; they are my inspiration, fueling my creativity in profound ways.